The latest episode of Anupama begins with Toshu and Kinjal who is preparing for the celebration of Makara Sankranti and other family members are sitting with sad faces. Bapuji asks Baa why everyone is silent and Baa replies that who can they celebrate the festival with such problems in their life.


She also says that Kavya and Nandini are not also present in the house. Vanraj hears their conversation and tries to make them happy. Later, he sees Pakhi who is sitting silently and asks about her but she doesn’t share anything and keeps silent.

On the other side, Anu is helping Malvika to wear Saree. Malvika remembers her wedding days when she wore the Saree first time. She asks Anu to let her wear the sneakers along with Saree otherwise, she will fall down.

She shows her that she is also wearing sneakers. Malvika teases Anu says to her sister-in-law. She asks him not to say this in front of Anuj because she feels awkward. Anuj comes there and gives a compliment while sharing a moment with Anupama.

Meantime, Samar bumps into Nandini and as they are about to separate, Anu comes there and suggests them to even talk to each other. Samar asks her to celebrate Makar Sankranti with her family and Nandini reminds him that Vanraj doesn’t like her. Samar convinces her to get ready for this. As the Kapadia family comes with Anu, they see Pakhi is dancing at the table. Anu asks Baa why is she dancing?

Where Pakhi says that Vanraj has been agreed to send her to America for further studies. Anu gets shocked and says that she will not go anywhere. Vanraj says that she will go because when he wanted to go to America but due to financial problems, he couldn’t go. He also wants that his daughter goes to America to take further studies and fulfill her dreams.

Anu says that she just wants to have fun and not make plans for her studies. She asks her what she wants to do in her life and Pakhi gets confused after hearing this. The Episode Ends.

Along with this, many fans also want to know what will happen in the next few days so, well, there is a spoiler for everyone and we will get to see that Kinjal plans a game for everyone. Anuj chooses Anu as her partner and along with this, Vanraj cheating to choose Malvika as her partner.


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