The latest episode of Anupama begins with some twisting moments. As we can see in the promo videos of the upcoming serial, the episode starts with Anu telling Anuj that she is upset just because of him because he did not tell her that he has a daughter.


She says that she feels sad to know that she is not worthy enough that he could share anything from his personal life. She continues with that she always shares her secret with him but he kept his secrets. Anuj tries to defend himself and also apologize to her but suddenly, Malvika comes there and takes him away.

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Anuj goes with her happy and on the other side, Anu stands alone and watches them to spending quality time with each other. GK also apologize to Bapuji, Baa and everyone for keeping his secret and says that he never got a chance to tell everyone about Malvika.

Toshu and Bapuji says that there was some reason that Anuj had to hide that he has a sister as well. On the other side, when Anuj aks Malvika to have food made by Anupama, but later, he changes the topic. Later, Vanraj goes to Anu and asks that what happened?

She says that she is disappointed that Anuj hid Malvika from everyone. Meanwhile, Kavya gets jealous that how Vanraj is talking with Malvika and ignoring her. Later, Pakhi tells that Malvika travels to each and every country every time after viewing her social media profile. While Baa gets worried that it will be good for Anu that Malvika will stay in the same house. Malvika says to GK and Anuj that she wants to go back home and Anuj asks Anu if she is coming with them?

Anu tells him that Samar will drop her. While driving the car, Malvika gets worried and removes her earrings and rings. On the other side, Kavya gets worried that Vanraj will fall in love with Malvika but Vanraj says that he is just focusing on his career. Later, Anuj waits for Anu at his house and finds that she is not coming. A

Anuj goes to Shah’s house and says that why did she not come to his house. While Malvika asks about GK but he ignores her and says that he has some work. She asks again if he is with Anupama. Now, the next episode will show that Anuj speaks his heart out to Anu, he cries while resting on Anu’s lap. Even, Anu gets emotional after seeing him. She gets stunned after seeing Malvika at door. Malvika says that why did he share the personal life matter to outsiders of the house. The Episode Ends.


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