“Anupamaa” this Indian television show does not need any introduction. This show is in a court of giving favor of women’s empowerment. Nowadays an impressive melody drama is going on in this show. Let’s discuss. In the upcoming episode of the show, Anuj Kapadia and Anupamaa continue chatting with the girl Anu. The little girl says to them that pray to Kanha Ji to send her parents back. Because she says while chanting and praying to the Kanha Ji, Pressure builds on him and he listens on an immediate basis. When Anupamaa stops her and says how she feels whenever her parents come to the Orphanage, Anu says shut up she asks many questions and everybody laughs at the moment.

Anupama, Today's Episode 1st June 2022 Written Update

Anu says that his uncle Abhay says if we ask questions to anyone so that indicates friendship and we have been talking for last a couple of minutes and we are friends. Eventually, Abhay comes to the place and says to Anuj, He was not invited to the wedding but please make her introduce and he does and introduces her before Abhay. He says Anu and she also Anu. Abhay says to Anuj thank you dear you are a permanent supporter of this orphanage. Anuj says this Orphanage is yours I agree but the children are mine.

In the Shah family, Samar is teaching dance on the laptop to his students. Toshu comes to Samar and shows dancing, Samar is shocked and says how could it be done. Toshu answers that sometimes he does, won’t you teach your brother. He teaches some steps and Toshu grabs it very quickly. Toshu says he is feeling very proud because Samar has proved to those people who used to think he is a loser. Toshu adds in his statement that their mum Anupamaa is also setting her life and here Samar is taking her work and doing, hats off.

He demands a laptop to search for a job and he does not want to waste a single second in Ahemadabad. Toshu says to Samar that they have to manage their family together and Samar agrees and says Papa to Vanraj Toshu keeps looking at him and Samar changes his words. Behind them, Vanraj also hears the same words and he thinks and tears in his eyes.  Vanraj comes to Toshu and Toshu congratulations him and says your second son is also with you dady. This episode will be telecast on Star Plus.


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