As we know Anupama is a very popular show, it is running great TRP on television. We will share the full written update in this article. According to the promo videos, The latest episode starts with Vanraj being surprised to see Bapuji on Baa’s swing and questioning him.


Bapu Ji asks why Malvika was discussing opening restaurants in Mumbai without completing the projects here. Vanraj says Mukku wants to open restaurants in Mumbai and as he knows financial investors’ words are final. Bapuji asks since when he began listening to others, whoever has invested, he does what he wants to do.

Vanraj tells Bapuji this is not right which is what he thinking. After that Vanraj thinks Bapuji is talking about Mukku, he is not interested in Malvika he wants to focus on his goal. He is considering Mukku as a pawn.

Anu walks to Anuj’s room to talk to him and sees him asleep talking to him tomorrow. She calls Bapuji and they talk about Malvika and Vanraj then Bapuji says she need not worry until her father is there. The next day in the morning, Anu sees Anuj silent and asks if he is angry. He says yes. She asks for not informing about her and Mukku’s conversation.

He tells even he hid many things from her, so there is no problem. Anu says Mukku didn’t get out of her room, they think they should talk to her. Mukku comes out with the packed bag. She says she is going to Mumbai, and she added she is not leaving the house.

They are going to Mumbai to check out the site, Anuj asks who is going with you, then Vanraj comes inside. She says they will come back in the evening.

Anuj says to Anu that he will not let Vanraj manipulate people his sister. Anuj says Vanraj knows to hide his evilness. Anu says what if Malvika had lied that she is going to check a site and left, they should think well and act. He says it’s tough. She says she is with him every difficulty.

You will see BapuJi and Baa talks about Anuj and Anu’s Marriage. Bapuji says they should get the name of their relationship. Baa says yes but… Anu notices they should go outside and asks Anuj if they can go outside. Anuj asks in this situation then Anu understands him with some examples.

After that they get ready. After ending a business meeting, Vanraj asks Anu to accept the deal as it’s much good. Malvika looks skeptical. He says investors are ready and even project, so she should say yes; hopes she says yes. She says no, leaving him in shock. Stay tuned for more updates.


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