Here we are back with the latest update of Anupama. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is running well with great TRP on the television. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Kinjal saying to Anupama that whenever she gets time she can visit her and the child or she will come to see her. Anupama tells Kinjal that she too will not be able to live without seeing the child becoming a grandmother. Kinjal and Anupama hug each other. Pakhi is with them.


She further tells Kinjal and Anupama not to cry or else her eyes will get swell up and the pictures will not look good. Anupama and Kinjal say that they will cry a lot during Bidaai. Pakhi tells Anupama and Kinjal to stop getting emotional and get ready. Leela gets irritated. Hasmuk asks Leela to bless Anupama as there is still time. He further added that if Anupama leaves the house without her blessings then her whole life she will regret it. Leela sits with mum. Anuj and Anupama get happy thinking about their marriage. They see their wedding dress and get excited.

Anuj asks Devika if she has chosen a dress for her. Devika says she is not able to choose. Anuj asks to take Malvika’s help.Malvika comes and tells Anuj that she has to go to the USA now. Anuj is shocked. Malvika tells that she has to go to the USA to save her parents’ dream home. In Malvika’s absence, Anuj refused to marry. Malvika, Devika and GK are stunned.Samar and Paritosh tease Pakhi for helping in decoration in summer. Pakhi says Anupama is also her mother.

Paritosh, Samar, and Kinjal feel hungry. Samar says he wishes for a few drinks and good food. To their surprise, Anupama takes drinks and food for them. Anupama says she will never step back off from her mother’s duty. There, Malvika handles to convince Anuj to change his decision and let the wedding take place on the decided day. Anuj gets convinced. Kinjal and Pakhi say like a soldier, a mother is never off duty. Malvika asks Devika to shoot her dancing video before she leaves. GK and Devika stands teary. Anuj hugs Malika and they both get emotional. Anupama talks with Pakhi, Samar, and Paritosh. She says everything from today will change except a mother’s heart. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of Anupama on the television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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