Anupama’s upcoming episode starts when Baa offers Sindoor to Anuj to apply to Anu and marry her as soon as possible to shut everyone’s mouth. Along with this, Baa says that this is the right time to get married for them because the family of Bride and Groom is present here.

Anupama 15th November 2021

Baa says to Anuj that this is the right time to prove that he loved Anu and instigates him to marry her. Anuj takes Sindoor in his fingers and applies it to her forehead. Everyone gets shocked after seeing this and Anupama screams his name. Later, she realizes that Anuj just applied Sindoor on her forehead and not in her hairline.

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Every stands shocked and suddenly, Anuj says to Baa that he can’t marry Anu like this just because of how society thinks about their relationship as he can not insult her. Anuj tells that she is a Goddess and therefore, he applied Sindoor in her forehead, not in her hairline and he can’t disrespect a Goddess.

Suddenly, Anupama says that if Devika could be her friend so, why does Anuj not and Baa say that because Anuj has feelings for her. Suddenly, Samar interrupts and says that Anupama has left her house and now, she doesn’t have any right to command her. Baa asks him to shut up and accuses Anupama of ruining their Diwali as a family celebration.

But, Baa continuously insults Anupama and Anuj and suddenly Bapuji gets angry and tells Baa to keep shut her mouth. He asks her to leave this place but Baa says that she will not leave this because it is her place also. She then reminds the past and reminds Bapuji that how did they struggle to survive because he did not have much earning to survive.

Along with this, Baa blames Bapuji for being poor and tells about the struggle they went through. She also says that she never asked anything from him and struggled with him at any situation.

Bapuji stands silent and Baa continuously insults him for not doing anything in his life. She reminds him that Vanraj started to earn at an early age to help her sister to get a good education and take care of his family expenses as well. Anu asks her to stop but Baa continuously says to him even Mamaji interrupts to stop Baa but she still calls him unemployed.

Now, we will also get to see in the upcoming episode that Baa goes from there after insulting everyone and Bapuji gets teary after being insulted by Baa. Anu calms him down and promise to bring his respect back. On the other side, Kavya gets worried about the return. So, let’s wait for the upcoming episode.


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