We are back once again with the interesting and twisting episode of Anupama that begins with Anupama who goes into the room of Malvika and talks to her about Anuj. Malvika gets worried and asks that what happened with Anuj and Anupama asks her to go out of the room.

Anupama 12th January 2022 Written Update

When they both come out of the room, Anuj, Vanraj, and every one of Shah’s family is standing in the garden and everyone is dancing to cheer her up. As the performance ends, Malvika apologizes to them for ruining their New Year’s party and Baa says that the New Year begins from today and they never had such a celebration in their entire life.

Along with this, Anupama asks her to forget her past and should move for her future and also suggest the same to Anuj. Vanraj says that their New Year resolution should be making a new start-up in life.

Then, they click pictures with each other and Pakhi goes to another side and talks to someone on call. Pakhi says that she did not change her mind yet and need more time due to which, Samar hears her conversation and asks that tho whom she was talking? Pakhi doesn’t want to tell her and Samar gets angry over her.

Suddenly, Baa comes there and asks them go to the garden. Everyone sits for a picnic and have lunch together. Later, Malvika thanks Anupama for supporting her. Also, Anu asks Toshu about the health of Rakhi and asks Kinjal to enquire this.

Anu asks everyone to join the happiness in their upcoming life and while later, she asks Anuj to call a good psychologist for Malvika. Vanraj comes there and asks Anuj that he has to go for a meeting where Anuj insists on coming with him.

Vanraj denies this but Anuj still accompanies him. Anu gets worried and thinks that she feels tense when Vanraj and Anuj are together. During this, BapuJi asks Baa that Kavya called them on which, Baa says Yes to him. Baa says that she will live with her friend in Mumbai and search for a new job.

Then, they talk about Vanraj and Kavya’s relation. Along with this, Pakhi meets Anupama and says that she want to go to the USA to study because her friends are also doing the same. Anu gets shocked after hearing this.

Now, the upcoming episode shows that Anuj and Anu get awkward after seeing Malvika and Vanraj together. Later, Anuj shouts over Vanraj and asks him to go out of her office right now. The Episode Ends.


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