One of the highest TRP and loving Indian serials, Anupama is gaining huge attention from fans. Since the serial began to appear on the big screens, everyone loves to watch this amazing show. The serial has gained a massive fan following and currently, social media netizens are also talking about the hype of the show as it has some interesting concepts for all the watchers.

Anupama 11th November 2021

Everyone wants to watch the upcoming episode before the official telecast but that’s not available on some platforms. Well, we are here to share the latest episode of Anupama and share with you that what will happen in the upcoming episode. Each episode comes with some interesting story and drama so, let’s see what will happen next?

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The upcoming episode starts when Samar confronts Anupama that it is too awkward to share this kind of talk with a son but he can easily read her heart that what she is trying to say to him. Samar says that Anuj never played misbehavior with her.

Anupama remembers her moment with Anuj but she claims that he did wrong with her. Samar says that her love for his father (Vanraj) was one-sided as well. He says that the love of Anuj is like a penance as he waited for her for the last 26 years.

On the other side, Leela says to Vanraj that it will not be good to go on the day of the festival and Vanraj asks her not to stop her. He also says to her and Kavya that don’t make trouble for Hasmukh as he is already too stressed.

Paritosh assures Vanraj and asks Leela to not to take tension about this because he will make understand to Kinjal to break all the relation with Anupama otherwise, he will ask her to leave. On the other side, Samar is counting the qualities of Anuj to Anupama. While, Kavya talks to Leela and says that he did right to take a part of house from Anupama.

She tries to instigate Leela and asks her to take the cafe back from Anupama and Samar before their intention change towards them. Leela gets convinced by Kavya and she decided to take the cafe back from Anu and Samar. Along with this, she says that Anuj and Anu will have to pay the price of the cafe.

While Samar asks Anupama about her feelings for Anuj. He tries to convince her to accept the love of Anuj. While Anuj is regretting spoiling Diwali of Anupama. He says to Gk that he is the unluckiest one who lost his love before getting it. Samar asks to Anupama that he ever misbehaved with her.

Suddenly, Anupama says that she never felt uncomfortable when Anuj stayed with her. Samar also tries to show her that the love of Auj for her is like Radha Krishna. She thinks about the words of Samar. On the other side, Anuj thinks that Anupama felt him wrong after knowing about his feelings and now, she will hate him.

Samar is still convincing her by saying that Anuj’s love is not wrong for her. On the other side, Anuj gets hesitant to face Anu and GK says to her that he will have to do this because it is necessary for him.

Later, Anuj prays for the bond of Anuj and Anupama. While Anu thinks about her decision and she makes rangoli for Diwali and thinks about Samar’s words. The Episode Ends.


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