The popular show Anumapa is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode is back with an amazing twist tonight, and the viewers will see something interesting. As we know the show has a great TRP on the television. People love to watch the show. We know fans are waiting for the upcoming episode, so here we are sharing some promo videos as written updates.

Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Update

So let’s talk about some highlights of the latest episode. The Anupama sings a lullaby Chananiya Cupjana Re..for Malvika and makes her asleep. Vanraj says they don’t know how will Malvika react when she wakes up, they need to keep them prepared. He suggests Anu rest for some time. Anu says how can a man do this with her wife.

Vanraj thinks about the past, how did he treat Anu. She continues venting out her entire frustration, She says when men will change themselves they think women are punching bags and they can do anything with them. Anuj says about domestic violence and ways to control it.

Then you will see in the episode, Pakhi video calls to her. Anu apologizes to her for not attending the new year party and asks to call other family members. The family joins and asks what had happened there. Bapuji says something serious must have happened there. kavya asks to send Vanraj back if the situation is normal. Baa says they can celebrate the new year after some time.

Vanraj returns home and doesn’t see kavya in the room. He hears the message of Kavya, that was a happy new year. she informs that she is going out for some time and would be problem-free. However, Vanraj hopes she never return. Vanraj says to all she went somewhere uniformed irresponsibly.

Baaa says to Babuji, that Vanraj and Kavya are going to be apart. This is not right, she says their relationship is in danger. Bapuji replies that they have gone apart due to closeness, it is possible that their apart time will close them. Another hand Malvika wakes up and feels tense remembering last night’s incident and Anu, Anuj, Vanraj finding out about her depression pills. Anu rushes to her and asks her to come out soon as Anuj.

Mukku worriedly asks what happened to Bhai. Mukku gets disturbed after hearing Anu. If you want to watch the full episode, you can watch it on Starplus, if you want to watch all episodes, so you can watch it on Hotstar. Stay tuned for more updates.


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