As we know Anupama is a very popular show among people show has great TRP. The serial is running with a good amount of viewers. The show has an interesting and very entertaining story. It has Drama, emotional moments, Comedy as well, everything you will find in this show. The now upcoming episode is going to be very interesting and entertaining.

Anupama 10th January 2022 Written Update

In the serial Anupama amazing character. Here we will tell you all the highlights of the show. Here will tell you the entire details of the upcoming episode. According to the promo video is going to be interesting and entertaining. The next episode is coming with extra entertainment and new twists. Let’s continue the article.

We have seen in the last episode, Anuj continues blaming himself for Malvika’s condition. He says he should die, but he can’t see Muku in this condition. Muku is running from her past and from her brother. Malvika got so much pain because of him. Mukku didn’t say anything and when Akshay left, she just told him he loved her and her money; when he went to her husband’s house on 31st December night, she had lost hope to fight and didn’t want the send him to prison.

You will see in the episode that, Anu comforts both Muku and Anuj on her lap. Vanraj enters and notices that. Vanraj messages Toshu that they are fine but because of some problem with Malvika they will not attend the New party. Kavya gets angry Anuj and Mukku always create problems. Samar says problems are bigger than the party

. Pakhi gets upset after hearing that Anupama is not coming here. Kinjal consoles her. Another hand Anu says Muku is suffering from problems at a young age. She punished that culprit when kavya and Kinjal went through the same situation, they will solve Mukku’s problem.

In the Shah house, Kavya provokes Pakhi saying her mummy is more worried about her boyfriend’s sister than her. Baa warns kavya to stop her cheap behavior. After all the drama Samar says let us write down our wishes and drop them in a box.

Another side, Vanraj offers water to Anuj and says everything will be fine. Vanraj says he is also a brother and he can understand his feeling of him. he says he may not need any help but if he wants he is always standing for him.

Anu comforts Mukku and asks where did her husband beat her. Muku feels pain in her elbow. Anu gently touches her elbow and asks if the pain is decreasing now. She remembers her pain and asks her to vent out all her frustration.

Mukku tries to vent out her own frustration, she says how can he touch, and beat me she will not leave him she will break his hand. Anupama says imagine this pillow is your husband and vent out your all frustration on it. Anuj tries to stop her but Vanraj says she has anger against his husband and she is trying to vent out, which she hides. episode end.


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