Anupama is one of the attention seeker serial of Starplus. Let’s begin with the spicy dramatic written update of Anupama in which we will unveil the upcoming incidents of the story. In this upcoming episode, we will see Vanraj trying to express his feeling to Baa and he manipulates her to help him to revoke the relationship with Anupama. He will say that now he is tired to maintain the relationship with Anupama for 17 years by heart and now he feels suffocated in this relationship. Vanraj also says to Baa that You and Bapuji understand each other very well but we don’t.

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On the other side, Anupama tells Bapuji about her feelings for the relationship between her and Vanraj. Anu will say that She is always trying her best and she is loyal to him in every aspect. She also mentioned in this conversation that she followed relationship faithfully but Vanraj ignoring the relationship and the situation becomes worst when he got involve in an extramarital affair with kavya.

On this discussion, Baa says that we can ignore anything but she spent her 25 years of her life on her relationships and so all the family members should not ignore her faithfulness and sacrifices for us.

Bapuji asks Anupama to make tea for him and if she can so prepare some snacks also. When she is in kitchen and prepare all the stuff She cries in kitchen thinking why is this happening, what did Baa Bapuji and her children do to anyone, she should be punished and not her family. She serves him tea and asks to drink carefully as its hot. Bapuji says when heart is burning, he doesn’t care about hot tea.

Now the story will take a huge turn due to the misconceptions between Anupama and Vanraj. Currently, Vanraj wants to get divorced and living with Kavya. Although Anu still trying to save their relationship because to maintain the reputation and she also doesn’t want to lose the relationship. Anu always does her best and did many sacrifices for her children. But on the other hand, Vanraj is ready to send the divorce papers and she will sign them. But she thinks when the heart gets divorced so paper formality doesn’t matter.


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