The latest episode of Anupama is ready again to entertain the watchers because the serial is one of the most trending serials on StarPlus right now and everyone loves to watch this serial. Since the serial begin on the TV, the watchers have been loving the serial and tonight’s episode is also going to be entertaining like the previous episode.

Anupama Shocking Twist 7th December 2021

The episode starts with Anu where she tries to make understand to Vanraj that he should not take a decision to leave Kavya and also think about his family members as well. Vanraj says that he will not change his decision and asks her to stay away from this matter.

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Anu says that he knows her that she is not rude and even then, he loved her. Suddenly, Vanraj reminds her that how she cheated home and his whole family and also reveals that he doesn’t love her now. They hear the voice from Kavya’s room and both go inside where the door is opened and they find Kavya at the corner of the room and she is crying.

Once again, Anu tries to make understand him not to take this decision but Vanraj doesn’t want to change his mind. She also supports Kavya where Kavya thanks her and says to Anu that she is not going to sign the divorce paper instead, she will create trouble for Vanraj.

Kavya slams her own head on the wall and warns Vanraj that she will fill a case of domestic violence against him and Anu asks her that has she gone mad? Vanraj failed the police number and give the phone to Kavya but Anu snatches the phone and cut the call. Vanraj says that if Kavya wants to file a case against him so, she can because he can live happily without her. Then, Anu tries to calm them down and make them understand but Vanraj asks her to focus on her work.

  • On the other side, when Anu go out of the house, she finds Anuj is waiting on the road for her. Anu tells her that he was worried about her and Anu tells her about the condition of Vanraj and Kavya. After hearing this, Anuj praises her for being a big-hearted person because people nowadays just being selfish and maybe, this is normal for everyone.

Along with this, the fans will also get to see that Anuj calls Anu and tells her that they have scheduled a meeting outside Ahmedabad and Anu gets ready for the meeting. She waits for Anuj to pick her up but unfortunately. Anuj suffered from an accident.


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