We are back with the latest written episode of Anupama which is going to be more interesting in the upcoming days. Fans are too excited to know that what will happen next and because of this, they have been waiting to watch every single episode of the serial. In the last episode, we saw that how Kavya blames Anupama for spoiling or destroying her life.

Anupama 6th December 2021

Everyone is excited to know about the upcoming episode and because of which, they are waiting for the next episode. Well, like all days, we are again going to share the latest written update of the serial where some unexpected moments of the Shah house will reveal.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 6th December 2021 Full Written Update, Fateh Beats Some Man

Today’s episode starts when Vanraj says to her that how it feels when your partner cheats on you. He adds that he married to Anupama but he loved Kavya. He never tell truth to Anupama but she kept saying everything truth.

He says that they are not keeping each other happy in this relationship and he doesn’t love her. Along with this, Vanraj asks for divorce to her but the moment will take a new turn when Kavya denies giving him a divorce. She refuses to sign the documents.

Now, the upcoming episode will also show that Kavya will not give divorce to her at any cost and even, she will become villain. Meanwhile, Kavya will again insult Anupama and threaten her. Now, Vanraj will put his all efforts to stay away from Kavya in his life. On the other side, Baa says that whatever happened at the moment, it was good because Vanraj realizes that he did wrong. Anupama will make understand Shah that how to handle Kavya.

While Kavya gets shocked after knowing the divorce discussion in the house and she will not let this divorce happen. Kavya requests in front of Vanraj to not leave her but even Vanraj is not going to change his decision. Kavya will remember their old days and says that how were we happy together.

Along with this, the upcoming episode will show that Kavya will harm herself and call police. She tells them that Vanraj hit her and she put allegation of domestic violence. Now, the watchers will get to see lots of things in the upcoming episode. With all of this, Anupama will talk to her but Anupama get to know Kavya which make her shocked. So, let’s see what will be interesting to watch in the next episode?


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