Anupama Latest Written Update May 30th 2022: The fan following of the show is being spread not on the national level but out of town also. Let’s have a little conversation on this Indian reality show. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anupama and Anuj are spending their loving time together and they both are making memorable memories. Before the conversation, when she entered the room with her new nightdress Anuj keeps looking to see her later he says that she is wearing it for him but he adds and says she is feeling uncomfortable,  it is okay Anu whatever you want to wear you can wear there is no boundation. When Anupamaa asks Anuj about his family, he answers his family is not a big family.

Anupama Latest Written Update May 30th 2022 Kavya and Baa Comes Into Heated Argument

JD, Anuj along with his brother and sister-in-law who are living in the United States. He also says that plan a trip to the US, They are likely to go to his brother’s house which is in the United States. She asks if you have a brother and sister-in-law and why they were not at the wedding. He answers they were invited to the wedding but due to some reasons, they did not come. While talking to him she slept and Anuj let her sleep at the moment and says to her good night princess. Anupama Latest Written Update May 30th 2022

At Vanraj Shah’s house, early morning around 4 o’clock Kavya was just entering the house and Baa(Leela) was gasing her a few seconds later Kavya shocks and scares to see Baa. Kavya gets angry at Baa and says why she is standing as a villain of the horror movie Baa answers her that it is morning at 4 o’clock and you are coming home this time does not she have manner and time she was out of the house with her ex-husband. Vanraj scolds kavya immediately she counters back she is not Anupamaa she can tolerate this nonsense.

Where Toshu and Kinjel are watching a picture that has been posted by the Anupamaa on the web. Samar makes a morning tea and Vanraj appreciates him and says it is delicious. In the next reel, Anuj and Anupamaa go to an orphanage and he says to Anupamaa about being a part of the furniture of an orphanage, he used to miss his parents and many things.


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Anuj also express that when his parents adopted him and he got his cousin Dil and niece Sara along with Mukku, and GK. Well, lots of twists and entertainment will take place in the upcoming episode and fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen in further episodes. If you also want to keep updated with the show, stay tuned with us. Watch this episode on Star Plus.

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