We are back with the latest written update of Anupama. The upcoming episode of the serial begins with Anuj who asks Anupama that whether she felt bad when he did not tell the truth and hid from her. Anu then says that she did not feel upset when he hid from her. Anuj remembers that how much he got more than he deserved so he just to prove himself in front of Anupama.

Anupama 4th January 2022

On the other side, Vanraj comes inside the living room and sees Malvika removing the decoration of Christmas. He asks her to go down because the maid will do the same with this decoration.

Then, Malvika asks him that did he get shocked after knowing the relation of her, and Anuj and Vanraj reply No. When she remembers her past, she gets emotional and aska Vanraj to forget everything that happened last night.

Later, Malvika says to Vanraj and assures him that Anuj is a good guy and reveals that she is going to burn the company’s paper and refers him as an idiot. Vanraj then asks her that does he never wants to owner Kapadia’s empire and after hearing this, she says that no one can take responsibility so, it will be good to let Anuj handle all the things.

On the other side, Anuj gets emotional with Anupama and tells that how did he shower his all love on Malvika and says that she is lucky to have her parents and family. On the other side, Vanraj is continuously convinced Malvika to handle the responsibility of her company and says that Anuj is trying to make a responsible person by giving all the responsibility to her but Malvika doesn’t get agree over this. She says that is he trying to manipulate her which he doesn’t want to say anything.

Malvika says that she just wants to live with her brother free. She later says that she can give him all business and whenever she can give away from the business. Vanraj asks that what happened in the past when she left her brother.

After hearing this, she gets stunned and walks away. Later, Anuj speaks of his heart and she praise for living on earth. Anuj says that whether money means everything to her to which she denies it.

On the other side, Malvika meets Vanraj and asks him to give second chance to his divorce and he says that this is the final decision of him and getting married to Kavya was the biggest mistake of his life. Suddenly, Malvika hugs him to keep him calm and Kavya sees everything from the window. Another side, Anuj reveals one more thing about his life but he is unable to open up. He says that he will reveal when the right time will come.


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