Many fans have been waiting for the latest episode of Anupama and it will be interesting to watch what will happen in the next few episodes? Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch today’s episode because of the ongoing twist and turn in the episodes.


Now, the makers have released the promo videos of the upcoming episode. The latest promo videos show that glimpse of the next episode where a new twist and turn will amaze the fans. According to the latest video, it shows that many fans are going be hurt because of Vanraj.

As we know Malvika has been trapped in the fake love of Vanraj and she is going blind in his love. The sister of Anuj Kapadia will be hurt because of Vanraj. He is getting achievements on his own footprints.

Tonight, the episode will also show that Malvika will fight with her brother Anuj because of Kavya. As we know, Anuj gave a job to Kavya in his company and because of this, Vanraj is not concentrating on his work. After hearing this, Anuj gets tensed but Anupama handles the situation.

After the argument, Malvika goes in her room and Vanraj does a message to Anupama and says that he got success in his plans. Now, Anupama can’t stop him because Malvika will obey her. Anupama thinks that because of Vanraj, their offices is going to be separate.

Meanwhile, a laminate rose to fall down from the dairy of Anuj. Anupama sees this and says that it was the flower which he wanted to give her 26 years ago. Anupama feels the moments behind the flowers.

After this, Anupama and Malvika talk to each other and Malvika gets happy and tells that she loves Vanraj. She tells that now, Vanraj is very special to her. Anupama gets shocked after hearing this. Now, we will get to see further that Anuj hearts the conversation of Anupama and Malvika.

Because of this, he gets angry over Anupama and says that he is hiding everything from him. He says that if he did not hear this by hiding so, she would never tell him this. Now, the upcoming episode will bring lots of things and it will be interesting to watch the next episode of the show.

Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch this amazing episode where lots of things will be revealed. So, let’s wait of the next episode of Anupama tonight.


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