Anupama always remains everyone’s favorite and fans are getting excited to watch every single episode every day. We are back with another written update of the episode and today’s episode begins with Anuj who informs to Anupama about their honeymoon in Mumbai. He tells her that his cousin booked the tickets of their honeymoon. Anupama then asks him what is he talking about after which, Anuj tells her that he is talking about Ankur and Barkha. Later, Anupama gets worried about Shah family and Anuj tells her that she can meet them and if she wants so, they can cancel their trip as well.

Anupama 27th May 2022 Written Update

At this moment, we can see Anupama in a worrying moment when she says why a woman has to think about her parents and in-laws’ family. With this, Anuj decides that they need to cancel their trip and Anupama feels upset and apologizes to him. Anuj asks her not to regret over this and on another side, Vanraj tells Shahs that Hasmukh is now alright and his operation can be taken place in Ahmedabad. Then, Vanraj asks Samar to tell Anupama about Hasmukh’s health so, she can go on her honeymoon with Anuj without any stress.

Anupama get to know about Hasmukh’s health condition and decides to go with her husband so, she can give him some time. She tells everything to Anuj and they both get romantic with each other but suddenly, GK interrupted them. He asks them to do their romance during their honeymoon and wishes them for a happy journey. They take blessing from GK and leave for their journey. Shah family get to know that Anuj and Anupama has boarded the flight for Mumbai. Pakhi says that she believes Anuj and Anupama will have a wonderful journey after which, Vanraj says don’t take tension because we were not there for the interruption.

Later, Vanraj thinks about his journey with Anupama and recalls his past with Anupama. During this, Kinjal comes with tea and serves them. Vanraj comes there and asks her not to do household chores during her pregnancy. He says that he means her as his daughter like Pakhi and can’t see her working in the kitchen in this condition. Another side, Anupama and Anuj get romantic with each other and they enjoy their honeymoon together and spend their quality time on the beach. The Episode Ends.


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