The latest episode of Anupama starts when Pakhi calls Samar and Toshu to come out from the room so they can together celebrate the Bhai Dooj festival. On the other side, Baa feels upset because Dolly is not coming to their house to celebrate the festival with them.

anupama 26th November 2021

Kavya thinks that she promised Vanraj that she will become a good daughter-in-law of the house, she will decide to talk to Dolly and asks her to come to the house. Kavya asks Baa about her health and asks her if she wants hot milk.

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Bapuji says to her that he has given everything to Bapuji. Then, Anu calls Baa because of this, she gets excited. Anu tells her that she will have to go for a meeting so, she will not be able to meet her again.  Anu then give blessing and loves to children and Kinjal tells everyone that she will celebrate with Pakhi, Vanraj, and Bapuji as well.

Pakhi notice everyone’s mood upset and decided to dance with everyone. Meanwhile, Kavya thinks that the way of Vanraj’s heart goes from his family therefore, she will have to win this. Along with this, Anu bakes a chocolate fudge for Anuj and reminds her of moments spent with him.

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On the other side, Vanraj calls her mother outside the house and says to her that he will have come become old Vanraj once again who will not interfere in anything. He also asks her not to seek his support during arguments with her and not treat her as she does with Anu. Kinjal gets ready and Toshi asks her that when she is going to shift penthouse with him.

Kinjal gets angry with him and says that she can’t trust him anymore. Toshu says to her that why does she remember that he insults her own mother and left his family to live in the penthouse.

Kavya arrives and supports Toshu but Kinjal doesn’t give a reply and goes from there. Later, Baa tells Bapuji about the plan of Vanraj and says that he will take the right decision. Anuj waits excitedly to Anu and she brings cake for him and gives him. Then, he eats like a child from his finger and Anu lovingly gazes at him. Later, Anu goes outside the house and suddenly, Anuj says I love You, and Anu gets shocked. Then, she realises that Anuj is saying to cake. The Episode Ends.


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