As we know Anupama is a very popular show among the people. The show has great TRP on the Television. People love to watch the show. Here we are sharing a promo video by written update, Show starts with Samar dances aggressively out his fight with Nandni. Anu with Baa rushes to the dance academy. Baa asks Anu to do something as she can’t see him like that. Anu tries to stop Samar, but he continues dancing and then falls down.

anupama 17th january 2022 written update

Malvika and Gk get concerned for Samar when Anu leaves home worried after Baa’s call. Malvika says yesterday Anu’s birthday party was spoilt because of her and now she has to handle Sama’s issue. Anu comforts Samar and feeds his water. Samar says his and Nadini’s relationship is over now.

Samar says Nandini has changed, She is not understanding and Anu says you are also not understanding her, Kvaya is her Massi, and she feels bad for her Massi, Samar I didn’t anything wrong with her then why is she doing this. She says even Mr. Shah didn’t do anything wrong with her then he fought him.

Anu says Kavya is lonely Samar says Kavya is responsible for her situation. Another side Nandini is feeling why Samar is not supporting her, and he should understand her point. Nandni continues crying thinking Samar instead of supporting her got angry at her, he should think his family also can be wrong.

Anu comes back home then Anuj and Anu talk about Samar and Nandini. Anu says opinion can be changed but the decision can not change. she says Samar has watched his parents and their parent’s divorce and he has feared for this. Anuj says he had read somewhere that thinking can be changed but Morals can not be changed and Samar got Morals from her and he will realize his mistake soon.

The next day Vanraj notices Samars’ mood off and thinks about what happened to him. Nandni comes in and says Vanraj is amaizing. Vanraj asks the matter. Nandini says people get concerned for even others but Vanraj is not even bothered a bit when his wife left home.

Nandini says he would have sat calmly if any family member left the house. Vanraj says enough. Nandini says sorry for the rude tone, she says you are concerned for his family if Kavya is not his family.

Vanraj says nobody has done any mistake as kavya has done. Vanraj says he doesn’t want an argument with her. He says Kavya left home as a conspiracy to gain everyone’s attention. She says its his selfishness. He angrily shouts her name. Episode ends. Stay connected for more updates.


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