One of the most trending and entertaining serials of the Star Plus channel, Anupama is on its hype and slowly, it has been reaching a good TRP. Everyone wants to know that what is ready to happen in the upcoming episode. There are lots of people who want to search about the upcoming episode of the serial and here is a written update of the upcoming episode.

Anupama, 29th November 2021 Episode

Now, the upcoming episode starts when Kavya tries to talk to Vanraj but he keeps ignoring her. Kavya shouts at him and says that why is he ignoring her continuously and Vanraj suddenly shouts at her and tells her not to expect anything from him after what she did with his family.

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Suddenly, Anu comes to the Shah house and sits with her kids in the house. Later, Anu says that she will have to leave now and the kids urge her to sit for more time with them. She calls Anuj and tells her some office work to him and Anuj asks her to not to worry about this and she needs to spend some time with her family. She thanks him to understand her and Vanraj suddenly comes to them and Anu tell him that she has planned something for Bapuji and Baa as their 50th Anniversary is about to come.

Vanraj gets excited to know about this and distributes some special work among everyone to manage the celebration. Anu suggests to everyone that they should recreate the wedding of Baa and Bapuji once again and everyone gets happy.

She recalls the childhood moments of Samar and shares them with everyone because of which, Kavya gets jealous. Toshu leaves and Baa and Bapuji come there. Everyone informs them about the plan and they ask them to not do something more but kids don’t angry.

On the other side, Toshu gets inside the room and workout, Kinjal comes to him and asks him that why he left when everyone is planning something. They both come into an argument and Kavya goes from there.

While Baa and Bapuji remind of some past memories and Anu teases them. She asks to hand over their wedding clothes and forget for some time. Later, Kavya shouts at Vanraj for planning the party without telling her and Vanraj threatens her.

Now, the upcoming episode will show that how Anu prepares everything for the party and Kavya arrives and says that this is her house and Anu gives her a heated reply. The Episode Ends.


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