The latest episode of Anupama is back with another twist tonight and the viewers will get to see something interesting. Well, the upcoming episode begins with Anu is asking to Anuj that does he not believe on Vanraj. Anuj says that he has no doubt on Vanraj but he is not comfortable with the partnership of Vanraj and Malvika.

Anupama 28th December 2021...

Anu tries to make her understand that Vanraj is now concentrating on his career whereas Anuj says that he can’t believe in him because he has cheated Anupama. Later, Anuj says that he has to do something so Malvika could back out of the work and Anu says that this is okay to feel protective for his sister.

Anu says that she can understand that she is his sister but Malvika is a grown-up girl and can handle her business as well. She also says to him that let handle her own business to herself as she is not a kid anymore and has already traveled the entire world by herself.

As they talks to each other, Anu accidentally says that she loved Anuj but suddenly changes her words. Anuj feels weird and says that she is lying. He also notices that her chicks has gone red and blushing.

Suddenly, Malvika reaches in a bad mood and says that the property that they decided to buy for the business is no more available for sale and Anuj asks her to calm down and assures her that he will buy the property for her. Malvika says that he doesn’t need to bother as Vanraj is handling everything and he will manage it. Suddenly, Vanraj also enters the room.

On the other side, Kavya is about to take lunch for Vanraj at his office, Baa stops her and says that she is going to keep her eye on her son. She gets agrees over this and Baa doesn’t stop to go. Malvika says that she has transferred Rs 50 Lakh to Vanraj’s account and Anuj gets shocked. She asks the reason of his reaction and Anuj says that he is just worried for her.

Suddenly, Malvika gets irritated and she is about to argue with Anuj but Anu interrupts and says that the restaurant will be amazing. They talk to each other and compete against each other. They will have a funny conversation.

Malvika gets comfortable and compliment to Anu and says that she is too cool so, why did he separate from such a perfect lady. Later, Anu gets angry with Anuj and shouts at him, and scolds him for behaving badly with her sister. The Episode Ends.


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