We are back with the latest written episode of Anupama which is going to be more interesting than before. The latest episode as of November 24, 2021, starts when Bapuji tells Anupama that she also deserves to be live happily and no one can steal from this.

Anupama 24th November Written Update

Along with this, he also says to her that nobody can love her then Anuj does. Anuj later asks her to welcome him in her heart and Anupama stands stunned listening to him. Anuj says to her that if everything is fine so, why she did not respond over this. Anuj says to her that doesn’t worry because her family is living under one roof.

He also says to her that this time she is thinking higher and whenever she gets sad, he also gets upset because of her. But Anupama did not react and kept listening to him. Later, Anuj asks him to whether she will stay at the Shah house or accompany him. Anuj nods her head and replies yes.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 24th November 2021 Written Update, Fateh holds Tejo in Arms

On the other side, Vanraj was walking on the road at night and thinking that what was he in his past. He decided to become a rich one and teach a lesson to Kavya. Later, Anuj drops Anupama at her home and asks her to come office tomorrow early as they have lots of meeting to attend.

Inside the house, Baa comes to Bapuji and holds his leg. She apologizes to him by saying sorry and urging him to forgive her but Bapuji says to her that only his body is here not his soul. He says to her that God is now punishing her because she just wants to take this house but now, Kavya has taken over this house from us. Along with this, he also tells her that she doesn’t deserve a daugter-in-law like Anu and she only deserves Kavya like daughter-in-law.

Baa realizes her mistake and what did she do. She urges him to forgive her but Bapuji doesn’t listen to him and walks away. Later, Anu receives a call and rushes to the Shah house. She meets outside to Vanraj and he informs her about the health of Baa. Everyone comes around Baa and she tells everyone of the house that she will have to talk to Kavya to go out of this house. Kavya says that only Anupama is an outsider of the house and she is a part of the family.

Baa apologizes to Bapuji and Anupama and she asks Baa to forget everything. Now, the further episode will show that Anu light up all the Divya in the Shah house, and Kavya says to her that this is not her house anymore. Vanraj comes there and says to Kavya that she has lost all the respect in his eyes and he just wants to become a successful person again and teach her a lesson. The Episode Ends.


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