Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update: In the upcoming episode of this show, Anupamaa is saying sorry to Anuj, if he feels bad about her conversation. He refuses her and it’s not Anupamaa, If we both do not say to us, how will things change and solve. While solving the last issue both come close and smile where Barha is looking at them and feels uncomfortable.

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In the morning Anupamaa was getting ready and she wears a sky blue “saree” in this dress-up she is looking dm pretty. When Anuj looks at her, He appreciates her beauty and says she is looking beautiful. Anupamaa makes Anuj’s shirt in the right place and she says to him Why does Anuj wear a black shirt. He answers her it is a nice color and whenever he wears a black shirt, people always appreciate him.

Anupamaa says she knew it Pakhi already to her that in a black shirt the picture Anuj shares on social media platforms and she also in swim about comments which is being done by so many girls. A couple of seconds later Sara and Adhik come to their room, and they also adore her for her beauty and ask their uncle Anuj where are they going. Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update

He answers them that Anupamaa is going to her house. She instead them to join her but they have to go to market hence they can not join her. Barkha comes and gives Plastic Card to them for shopping but Adhik refuses and says they want only cash. Anuj gives cash to them and says to her sister-in-law Barkha that he also has some responsibilities to them.

They are about to set up the house but Ankush comes in the morning joining. Anupamaa asks him what else he will eat for breakfast. Barkha denies it and says she will make Saland for him. Barkha is going to the market and Anupamaa says she will join her. Because she will have to learn these things. Barkha asks does she know how to drive. Anuj answers Barkha, Anupamaa is a quite well driver. Anupamaa says if she gets a chance to fly a chopper so she can. Ankush says to all of them that Barkha had a chance but she dropped and cancel her membership.

Pakhi, Toshu, and Samer come home while dancing. Anupamaa feels over the moon after looking at her children. Pakhi says her mother was not coming home which is why they are here to take their mother to her house. Anuj joins them in dancing. They all get together and are introduced to each other. Anuj says if you all come before a couple of minutes so they could meet their children. Ankush says while knowing these things Anuj got married to Anupamaa it sounds true love still exists.

Anupamaa comes to her home and looks at the nameplate, she smiles and enters her home. Vanraj comes to the main gate and says welcome home to Anupamaa than Bapu Ji and Baa come and Kavya also gives flowers for her presence in the house. Baa asks if she is happy or not. Anupamaa answers her that she is happy and what about Baa. She taunts Kavya and says she is fine.

Barkha has ordered furniture for the house and asks Anuj to pay all the bills. He says sure and says to his brother to check all the bills. She feels very obeisance and being a wellwisher she advises him in the absence of Anupamaa who will have the signature of authority and it should be changed. Anuj rejects the proposal.

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