Anupama 8th June 2022 Latest Written Update: We are back with the written update of Anupama on 8th June 2022: Anuj comes back home after jogging and Anupama is busy with cooking. He says to focus on thepla otherwise it can burn. He then helps her and kisses her cheeks. Barkha was noticing them and their romance. She then interrupts them and wishes them good morning. She then goes to take her blessings but stops her and says keep distance from me and good morning is enough.

Anupama 8th June 2022 Latest Written Episode Update

She asks for breakfast and Anuj says she made something special for her. Anupama replies she made cornflakes & pancakes for her. A voice came calling Mumma & daddy, Anupama goes to the door excitedly to welcome them. Shah comes back from Leela’s mom’s house. Samar says to Anupama to stay at home tomorrow, as Mumma will come for the paghphera ritual. Anupama then welcomes Sara & Adhik. Sara gets happy after seeing Anupama and says she is her fan after she saw the wedding proposal video of her on social media. Anupama 8th June 2022 Latest Written Update

She calls her Chachi and after listening to this word she gets emotional and they both got confused, Anuj tells them these are the tears of happiness. Both hugs Anuj and they praise Anupama. Ankush then gets happy and tells Barkha that at least they both have bonded. Barkha ignores him and leaves.

Adhik then tries to tell Anuj about his U.S business loss, but Barkha stops him. Barkha says to Anuj that she had thrown a grand party in a 5-star hotel for Anuj as he comes back to the Kapadia empire. Anuj says that tomorrow he has to attend a function at Shah’s house. Anuj then makes an announcement, that the owner of this business and house is Anupama. Barkha after hearing gets jealous and shocked. Shah then shows the entrance nameplate to Leela. She gets happy & emotional, as her name was also mentioned in that nameplate. He then says he learned from Anupama that women have equal rights in everything as she also runs the house.

Kavya questioned him why her name is not there, he replies he is there just for a few days. Barkha then tries to explain to Anuj that she can’t manage home & business at the same time. Anupama asks if Anuj is Barkha is upset that she has to cancel her party, Anuj says she can throw a party on another day, she then says that she can’t own this business, as she doesn’t want to lose her identity again. The episode ends here.

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