The serial starts with Anupama, Anupama tells Vanraj that she has no objection to Kavya and Vanraj’s marriage. But Vanraj will have to tell Leela and Jayesh about the truth of her and Kavya’s relationship as she cannot hurt them by telling them this bitter truth. On the other hand, in the next scene, Anupama notices that the slippers are vomiting in Kavya’s house, seeing this she goes to straighten them and says that when we put the slippers vomiting, it causes fights in the house. Anupama later says that she wants at least someone to have peace in the house. Anupama leaves from there. After Anupama leaves, Vanraj curses Kavya and says that she is not asking Anupama about her marriage. On the other hand, Kavita throws things.

anupamaa 4th november written update

In the next scene, we see Pakhi sitting in her room and crying. Paritosh and Samar go to Pakhi and try to silence her and ask the reason for her trouble. Pakhi tells him that he knows that his parents have a bitter truth, but they are not telling him the truth. Paritosh says she is not thinking. Pakhi says I want to know all the truth then Samar says that he should tell everything to Pakhi, but Parishosh refuses to tell him the truth and says that this is not the right time, to tell the truth.

On the other side, Rakhi comes to the house to meet Leela and asks about Anupama. Then Anupama reaches there by chance. After that Rakhi repeatedly stops looking at Kavita. After some time, Anupama ignores him and bow to him. On the other hand, Leela asks Anupama what is going on between her and Vanraj but Anupama leaves without any argument.

In the next scene, Kinjal asks Rakhi why Anupama has gone home and says that what is going on in this house will someone tell me the truth? Then Rakhi says that she has gone to find out the truth, Kinjal is shocked to hear that on the other hand, Vanraj asks Anupama to stop this drama. Anupama says that if she had made the same mistake, would you have been silent?

On hearing this, Vanraj says how dare you to talk about this. Anupama says that only you have the courage to do this. So, at the end of the episode, Vanraj gets shocked to hear this. Now further to see if Anupama will win and there will be happiness in her family life or once again a mountain of sorrows will come in her life, stay tuned to see this.


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