Anupama 3rd February 2022 Latest Episode Update: Mukku Says She Loves Her Brother Most In The World As we know Anupama serial is very popular among people, the serial is running with good TRP. Here we are sharing a full written update of the latest. The episode starts with Anuj continuing his anger when Malvika disobeys his advice. Anupama tries to calm him down. He says not today as he is very upset. Anu says a brother just knows to worry for his sister. Anuj is very confused about how should explain to Malvika, She will leave the house and he doesn’t want to break his sister.  he will make Vanraj understand peacefully, or else in Vanraj’s own language; Anuj says to he will not let him ruined his sister life like Anu and Kavya. He says to Anu for not interfering in this, she says him to calm down and says she will talk first with Vanraj. Anuj agrees with Anu.  Malvika cries remembering Anuj’s concern for her and thinking she needs to do something.

Anupama 3rd February 2022

Anupama 3rd February 2022

The next morning Anu goes to Shah’s house to meet Vanraj and Vanraj is waiting in the parking Area he says her boyfriend understands her, but he knows her better than Anuj, and Vanraj has an idea why she is here. Another side, Anuj finds Anu and Malvika both are missing and he thinks they both have gone to Shah’s house. Vanraj says to Anu that if he brought any check like films to leave their daughter, so he can tear and throw it away. Anu tells him she will give him a reality check. She says he is near 50 and about to be a grandfather soon, so he should be ashamed. Vanraj says why should he be ashamed, he says Anu can progress with his boyfriend then what is the problem if my partner is a girl. She says he is aware hew mental trauma, even he is manipulating her.

Mukku Says She Loves Her Brother Most In The World

Mukku tells him all things about last night; he is not surprised to hear that Mukku likes him because he is not interested in love and affair and is only interested in his aim, Anuj Kapadia can be Anu’s life’s hero, but he is still her life’s hero. She sends him Mukku’s psychiatrist’s number and says he should get a psychiatric consultation to over her illusion of being a hero and undefeatable.

In the episode, you will see Malvika saying to Vanraj that, they have to break their Partnership she can not continue their partnership. Vanraj gets shocked after hearing this. Mukku says she loves her brother most in the world and she will obey his brother’s advice and she says she is just breaking partnership, not the friendship. Vanraj says what will about their project and dream, she says she will hand it over to him. Vanraj says if Anu and Anuj agree with this then Vanraj has no objection to this. Vanraj tries to manipulate Mukku to say that everyone knows how much she sacrificed for her brother and even Anuj also loves Mukku the most. Anuj is her adopted brother and she lost her parents because of Anuj, even then she loves her brother. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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