The episode begins with Samar who tells Anupama to forget what happened and forget everything, and now she should move on. Anupama explained to Samar that if she had to move forward she would have to leave many things behind, which she could not do. She tells Samar that she does not want to break Hasmukh and Leela’s heart by revealing Vanraj’s truth. Anupama says that Vanraj himself will tell the truth. Samar tells Anupama that instead of worrying about others, think about herself and live for herself. After that, after listening to Samar, Anupama revealed the truth with Samar, along with Paritosh, let us tell you that one more thing is that Nandini and Sanjay also know about the truth of Vanraj.

Anupama 31st October 2020 Written Episode Latest Update: Anupama should move on

In the Next scene, Samar told to Nandni about his lie and he shouts at Nandni for hiding the matter between Kavya and Vanraj. Samar says to Nandni to stay away from his home. he says he hates her. Here, Devika tells Anupama and Leela that she has some work and it will take time for her to come home. Hasmukh tells Devika that he should finish his work on time and come back.

Then Samar arrives and tells Devika to take Anupama with him for a change. Devika likes the idea and goes to ask Anupam but Anupama refuses to come with him but Hasmukh and Sweety force Anupama to leave. But Leela does not allow Anupama to go. She says that if Anupama takes care of Vanraj then who will go more than that. Anupama was speechless. Vanraj comes and Leela tells Anupama to fetch water for Vanraj but Anupama does not go. Then Sweety brings water to Vanraj. Anupama decides to go with Devika when Vanraj makes a face.

Apart from this, Vanraj goes to Deepika and he taunts her that she is divorced that’s why she can not see anyone happiness then Devika answer to Vanraj that Devika and you are same. Vanraj was shocked then Anupama comes and Vanraj asks to her where are you going and Anupama replies you have lost the right to ask this question. Then Kinjal mom tried to Know throgh Kinjal that what is happening between Kavya and Vanraj. Kinjal mom decided to reveal the real face of Vanraj.

Anupama comesback after spending time with Devika and the other side, Vanraj closes the door for making her scare. Anupama says to vanraj for opening the door. Now, It will be intursting what happenend ahead. So, do not forget to watch Upcoming episode of Anupama On Starplus at 10 Pm.


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