The episode begins with Paritosh who tells Kinjal about Vanaraj and Kavya’s affair. He tells Kinjal that Kavya is implicating Vanraj. Then Kinjal tells Paritosh that he is visually supporting Vanraj and that he should see the reality. On the other side, summer listens to Paritosh and Kinjal and he is stunned. But after some time he runs away. Paritosh tells Kinjal that Samar is very emotional and he will not be able to handle such a big revelation So she has to hide all this from him when Kinjal tells Paritosh to handle Samar.


In the Next Scene, here Nandni asks for kavya where are you going and kavya says I am going back home then Nandni asks for kavya are you not afraid of facing Anupama. Meanwhile, Vanraj comes and asks for kavya that you took the right decision to leave that place. he says he will go back to his home So, that his meeting can be easy with all the family members and kavya says to Vanraj that she does not understand him.

On the other side, Paritosh searches Samar, he listens to Vanraj and he blames Vanraj to cheat on Anupama, Samer says that now you won’t be greeted as a father because you don’t know the meaning of the father and responsibility. you are a cheater after listening all thing Vanraj was shocked.

After that, in the next part, Paritosh starts crying and thinks that I have made a big mistake by telling Anupama the truth because Anupama had a lot of trouble knowing the truth and now it is time to take responsibility for a son. On the other side, Leela sees Anupama and says that she is calm. Hasmukh tells Leela that she has fallen into thinking. Leela further asks about Kavya, Devika enters the house and says that Vanraj might come to know about Kavya. Anupama also ignores Vanraj when he says something to Vanraj.

Anupama goes for giving a burger to Samar, she doesn’t leave him in the room then Samar sings a song for Anupama and the named of the song is Jeeta Hai Chal and Samar shows Anupama picture to the projector. In the end, Vanraj remembers all the things that happened to him and his thoughts to rectify them before it will be too late.


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