Anupama 30th November 2021 Latest Update Written Episode Baa and Bapuji Wedding Anniversary Celebration The latest episode of Anupama starts when Vanraj gets angry from Kavya and decides to sleep outside the room and take his pillow in his hand. Kavya tries to stop him but he pushes her and warns her not to create any kind of drama on the 50th wedding Anniversary of Baa and Bapuji. On the other side, Anu completes her work and drops a message to Anuj. Then, she checks the clothes of Baa and Bapuji that there is any need to clean the clothes. Suddenly, Anuj knocks on the door of Anupama and she gets worried after hearing the voice.

Anupama 15th November 2021

She opens the door and Anuj comes inside and looks like a thief. Anu gets confused after seeing and ask what happened and also informs him that there is no thief in the house. Anuj reminds about the text where she asks for help. Then, she realizes that she sent a message by mistake and Anuj takes relief to learn that she is alright. Anu says that if she needs help in altering Baa and Bapuji’s clothes and reveals that GK taught her in her childhood while Anu feels guilty that she can’t invite him in the 50th Anniversary of Baa and Bapuji. Anuj asks her not to feel guilty all the time.

On the other side, Vanraj and Toshu remind that what Kavya and Kinjal said to them and Samar things that how are they similar. In this time, when Baa and Bapuji come to the Shah house back, everyone teases them and Vanraj asks them to behave calmly with them. Anu comes and tells that she has completed her two days of work in one day so, she can spend some time with her family.

Anu asks Vanraj that it is good to live in the house where Vanraj says to her that Kavya will not say anything to her. On the other side, Kavya hears the words of Vanraj who is permitting Anu to stay under the same roof. Anu says that this time, she gets a chance to apply mehndi for her mother and where Kinjal says that she believes that she will do the same for her. This left Anu in shock and Kinjal says anything can happen in the future. Meanwhile, GK received a call and Anuj also gets worried.

Then, Kavya comes to Anu and shouts at her but she ignores her. Kavya says that this is her house and Anu replies her that she needs to maintain her relation as a piece of paper won’t define whose house it is. Vanraj comes and Kavya doesn’t say anything and left the spot. Anu gets confused. Now, the upcoming episode is going to be more amazing so, let’s wait for it.


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