Today’s episode starts with Vanraj. Vanraj meets Kavya and Kavya is happy to see Vanraj and asks him that everything is fine at home. Vanraj remembers Anupama and tells Kavya that she is behaving very strangely after finding out the truth. And I am experiencing a new Anupama.

anupamaa 2nd nopvember

On the other side, Leela asks Anupama whether he and the Vanaraj were playing a game when they came and went away. Then Hasmukh says that Vanaraj might have gone to the office. Then Leela asks Anupama to serve her back after meals.

In the second scene, Kavya explains to Vanraj that it is good Anupama will leave her life and suddenly she starts dreaming of marrying Vanraj and says that if Anupama has gone ahead then it will be easy for her to divorce if she has moved on although Vanraj remains stunned.

On the other hand, Anupama Learns from Nandni that Vanraj and Kavya were to marry on the same day when she was to be married. Hearing this, Anupama pulled back. Summer supports Anupama. Anupama walks the road remembering Vanraj’s words.

In the next scene, Nandni ask for forgivenesss to Samar. Samar asks to her Nandni cause him child. Samar says to Nandni that she is elder them him and it does not mean that he is child. She is hiding turth and after that Anupama reaches at Kavya’s Place because she got to know at the of her mariage. Vanraj and Kavya wanted to Marry each other. Hence Anupama tries to make them marry each other then Kavya advised Anupama to divorce with Vanraj. It is not as easy Anupama says to Kavya to opened the door of her house.

Meanwhile, Sweety ask to Paritosh that what happened between Vanraj and Anupama. Why Anupama shifted at her seperate room. Paritosh refused to tell her truth and Samar tries to tell but Paritosh stops her. Sweety thinks something is wrong here, Where Kavya Says to Anupama that Vanraj does not love her at the end of the episode Kavya is shone. It will be so intursting to see what happens ahead and what new twist comes on the way of Upcoming and latest episode of Anupama.




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