The episode starts with Anupama Because Anupama says to Vanraj that their relationship got jealous on the day, he met his in her bedroom with Kavya. She says that she can no longer bear the ashes of their relationship and she has lost all these intrigues. Anupama says speaking of her heart. Vanraj asks Anupama to stop speaking as he will send her the divorce papers. Anupama remembers her moments with Vanraj and she agrees to divorce Vanraj. Vanraj is shocked to see Anupama getting ready for divorce and Anupama decides to leave the house.

Anupama 2nd December Written Episode Latest Update: Anupama Is Worried About Pakhi

After some time, Anupama goes to the kitchen. Vanraj turns back and Sweety hugs Vanraj and weeps while hugging. Anupama also starts crying after seeing him. However, Vanraj would not have asked Pakhi to cry and Pakhi urges Vanraj not to go. Vanraj tells Pakhi that she cannot live with him but she wants him to be with her.

Written Update of Upcoming episode “Anupama”

On the other hand, Vanraj tells Pakhi that no one in the house understands him that way, he says that he knows that he likes Kavya and they can live happily together. Vanraj promises Pakhi that he can meet his brother and family every weekend. Anupama is worried about Pakhi and starts thinking about Pakhi.

In the next scene, Samar tells Pakhi that she is not going anywhere. Vanraj tells Pakhi that she only listens to her heart. Anupama thinks about Pakhi, why Vanraj is telling Sweety to choose one of the father and mother.

On the other side, Vanraj tells Leela and Hasmukh that he will not take his blessings as he knows that they do not want to do what he is going to do. He tells Leela to take care of Hasmukh. Leela urges Vanraj to reconsider his decision as the outsider should not leave the family but Vanraj ignores his point.

Further, Vanraj goes to Kavya’s house. Kavya is happy to see Vanraj. Pakhi asks Anupama why she did not stop Vanraj and she gets angry at Anupama. Anupama apologizes to Pakhi and Hasmukh consoles Leela. Along with this episode ends. So, do not forget this upcoming episode of “Anupama


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