The episode starts with Toshu, Nandini, and Samar. Toshu asks Samar to take a rest as he is going to get medicines for him. He asks Nandini if she needs something. Samar is upset and says that there are people in our society who feels hatred towards them. Nandini says people need something to insult others and they don’t care if they get hurt or not. Rakhi is upset by seeing that her daughter Kinjal has married in a middle-class family. She asks her to shift to any of their apartment. She says that you have recently married and you should go and enjoy your honeymoon. She asks them to stay away from this negativity. Rakhi asks Kinjal to sign some documents as she has done some investments for her future.

Anupama 26th January 2021 Today's Latest Episode Written Update Spoiler Alert

Baa scolds Rakhi not to create misunderstanding in our family. Baa says to Anupama that this is happening because she is taking divorce from Vanraj. Toshu says that you don’t care about us and your decision of taking divorce from our father will affect our lives. He constantly blames Anupama that you are doing this to fulfill your ego only. Toshu asks Kinjal to leave this house as she has also problems with his mother. Kinjal denies and asks him to live with Anupama. Samar is shocked to know that his elder brother is saying such things against their mother. He says that we should support our mother.

This is the first time that she has taken a stand for herself. Anupama says them all not to fight for her but she will not change her decision to take divorce. She says this is a matter of her self respect. She has given many chances to their father but he never cared about her. But now she will stay alone and will protect her family also. She takes a decision to leave her house. She says she would have left this home earlier but now I will leave this house forever. She apologizes to everyone for her mistakes that she did. Bapuji says that I have accepted Anupama as their daughter and she will not go anywhere.

Baa says that she also doesn’t want Anupama to leave this house and one day she will come to know that this is her biggest mistake to divorce him. Vanraj asks Kavya to give her medicine. Kavya says that she hasn’t brought any medicine. Pakhi’s friend informs her about a class test. She says that her uniform and books are at home. She calls Samar and says that she needs her stuff. Samar asks her if she had breakfast or not. She says that there are cornflakes and I don’t like them. She asks him to bring breakfast along with books. Baa says that the happiness of this house has gone with Pakhi and Vanaraj. Bapuji assures her that soon everything will be fine. Baa says that Anupama has to change her decision.



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