The highest TRP gaining show “Anupama”, you might know but it is one of the most popular shows on Indian television. Thousands of people are watching this show giving their love.  It is being loved by the audience. As we know at present there are lots of twists. Where Kinjal and Paritosh have got married to each other, after eloping. It was a shocking moment for all of the members. Kinjal’s mom did not agree with the marriage but Anupama accepted them on the spot and took them into the house. Anupama shows her affection to the Kinjal, and she remembers her childhood while laying in the lop of Anupama.

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In the last episode, you have seen, that Anupama has applied for a job in the school, in the begging she was rejected, at the moment she was so disappointed with herself. But when Anupama was out of school, she was offered a joining latter by the mam of the school. She felt over the moon. Anupamamade everyone listened to the news, all family members were so happy for her. But the problem was who will handle the home. And serve everyone. Baa and Bapuji say it’s right, then all the family members decide that they will do their own work. So that it can be pretty easy for her.

On the other side, Vanraj is worried about his job, because he has been given notice for a month, if he does not cover the loss of 3 months, he will be terminated. So it is a challenge for him. Now Vanraj also has a mention of the marriage of his son Paritosh.  Now we will see how both of them Paritosh and Kinjla are supposed to get married. All the family members are planning to make them couple officially because so far their marriage is hidden. In Anupama’s house, Rakhi and her husband come to discuss Kinjal’s wedding. Vanraj is also presented there, Rakhi and Vanraj talks in a sarcastic tone.

In early in the morning, they get to hear unexpected news, that Kinjal’s mom, Rakhi has decided to make Pritosh MD of the company, which is own by Rakhi, the decision was not liked by Leela, Kinjan, and Husmukh. Anupama’s daughter is also planning to her father because she is thinking, Anupama is not giving her attention, she is only caring for Kinkjal. Now we will see the marriage of Kinjal and Protos, how it goes ahead with lots of drama, where Vanraj denies to accompany Kavya in the function. Let’s wait for the upcoming episode only on Star Plus at 10 PM. For more updates stay connected with us.



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