The episode begins with Vanraj as Vanraj enters the house and he sees that Samar tells Anupama that the first fees of her dance class have been deposited in her account. Hearing this, Anupama becomes very happy and Vanraj is taken aback and leaves angrily.


On the other hand, all the family members are very happy to hear this good news. On the other side, Anupama touches the feet of Baa and Bapu Ji and takes blessings. Bapu Ji tells Anupama that she is the real Lakshmi of this house, when Vanraj comes to her boss’s call and seeing his boss’s call, he guesses Is that he is going to get a Diwali bonus.

Vanraj’s boss scolds Vanraj on the call and says that because of you, the company could not get such a big project, now you have to fix everything else, otherwise, Vanraj will be removed from the company. At the moment Kavya comes to him and Vanraj blames her for everything that happened.

On the other side, all the members of the family get ready to worship and they are getting for Vanraj. After that, Vanraj comes home and the watchman asks Vanraj for a Diwali gift and Vanraj hands him Rs 50. Seeing this, the watchman tells Vanraj that more than this he gets him from anywhere, on hearing this, Vanraj gets angry and he quarrels with the watchman. Gets applied.

In the next scene, When Vanraj comes back home and sees Anupama is worshiping at the place of him. He gets angry after seeing this and goes on the roof. once family members are done worship. Anupama goes to the roof and sees Vanraj breaking things where Vanraj says to her that she has snatched everything from him including his house and rights and after listening to this Anupama replies to him. Along with this, the episode ends.


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