One of the most well known and amazing serials, which name si Anupama, is trending these days and being more popular. As we know it is one of the most trending shows, as we have seen in the last episode Anupama is being stopped by the Vanraj to improve and learn more. He threatens her to stop this otherwise he will not let live in the house along with Samar. So let’s know more about him.

Anupama 17th November Written Update Today Latest Episode Divorce of Anupama

We are seeing the changes in the relation of Anupama and Vanraj. Where Anupama is so disappointed in Vanraj, and Anupama is trying to make them together. Yes, we are talking about Vanraj and Kavya, and planning is going on towards the Divorce of Anupama. All the family members are so serious. This will be quite amazing for the audience. Because since starting we have been both of them together at the beginning of the serial.

People love the amazing couple of Anupama and Vanraj. It is so hard to time for the audience to see them getting separated. Anupama might be able to tolerate this. She is just worried about her children,  in the next scene we see, we get to know that Anupama is getting ready and she says sometimes we should get ready and dress our self for not anyone. Here she talks about Vanraj indirectly.

On the other side, Vanrraj goes to meet Kavya, in front of Anupama. Parish is in the favour of Vanraj because he loves him. Paritosh says he has married Anupama but he is not happy, he finds happiness with Kavya. Vanraj tries to make her jealous.

In the upcoming episode, we see a major twist. Where it is a birthday of hers means Kavya, on the day just to surprise her, he purposes her and at the same time, Anupama comes here along with family members,  her son ashamed on him and said I am not proud of you. He slaps her and curses him. So it will be so interesting to see what happens, will Anupama let Vanraj and kavya marry each other. For further story stay on the same page.


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