Starplus Tv serial Serial getting very trending and popular among the audience due to its suspense and The serial caught more attention after revealing the relationship and extramarital affair of Vanraj. As we know Vanraj going to reveal his extramarital affair with his office employee Kavya. We should highlight the topic and put the light on upcoming incidents of this show. Anupama is very sensitive women who always hurt by Vanraj’s actions.

Anupama Written Update 3rd November 2020: Vanraj Shouts At Pakhi

This upcoming episode will start with Anupama when she learning car driving from Kinjal. When Anupama saying good thing about her mother in law and her daughter that, she learnt many more things from both of them, Her daughter Kinjal will hug her and will say a comment that ‘Maa you are so cute’. Anu will be going to make coffee for Guruji who will come in their house fr an important purpose.

As we know Anupama is very said after the anger of Vanraj. Baa getting angry and shout on Anupama because she starts learning car driving. As per Baa rulesshe doesn’t need to learn driving because there is 2-3 family members who  can drive car and can helps family member to travel personnel family vechiles.

Toshu brings Diwali lights to check and then they can selects teh lights to decorate home. Anu ask Baa to check teh taste of special sweet for this Diwali. She saying Baa please come her and check the sweetness of this Ghugra if it is so perfect then we will replace it immediately. Anu will make more sweets on the special day and She well know how good taste sweets important on this ocassion.

In this upcoming episode Family enjoy sitting in home garden. Baa calling utensils vendor to buy the utensils on the auspicious day Dhanteras.Everyone enjoying this day but due to previous disputes Anupama still so sad she thinking that Vanraj will definitely anger on her again and teh issue will be created again in front of all teh family and relatives. If you love this Written update please make sure you have bookmark the website.


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