We are here with a written update of Anupama on 13th June 2022: The episode starts with Anupama apologising to Vanraj for Barkha’s behaviour and asking Shah’s family to get inside the house. Leela also gets angry with her behaviour. Anuj asks Anupama what did she do but says nothing. Anuj then welcomes Shah’s family. Hasmukh gives the shah’s family gifts to Barkha to keep it safe from other gifts. Shen then gives those gifts to the worker to keep them under the table. She then sees a photo of God at the entrance and asks Anupama about that.

Anupama 13th june 2022

Barkha then goes to her room and takes a painkiller, Ankush follows her and asks what happened to her. She says she will not let anyone in her child’s growth. As Anupama’s family and her children are getting close to Anuj which can harm her. Her child Sara & Adhik will get into a problem if this happens. Ankush then says to stop overthinking and get chill. She says Sara & Adhik are the future of the Kapadia empire, not Anupama children and walks away.

Anuj then asks Anupama what happened outside. She tells him that Barkha didn’t put the names of Shah’s family on the guest list and embarrassed Vansh in front of others. Anuj gets angry and says if he has seen the guest list this won’t happen. Anupama then calms him and says he looks so good when he gets angry, he should remain angry and leave. Sara & Samar then gets surprised to see each other at the function. They came to know that Samar is the son of Anupama and Sara is the niece of Anuj. Kinjal & Paritosh then came to them and introduce each other. Paritosh then asks about Adhik and she tells them he is her mama. Pakhi & Adhik then gets surprised to see each other, they all then feel a bond with each other and forget everything that happened in the past.

Barkha comes to the pooja wearing western clothes and Leela gets angry and also praises Anupama’s diamond necklace. Anupama asks Anuj to start the pooja. Barkha gathers everyone and do an announcement that Anuj is now coming back to manage our Kapadia empire. Kavya then makes fun of her and says she wants to show her dress and wants to get attention. Anuj then thanks her to do the preparation for this pooja and corrects her that Anupama is the owner of this house & business and also me. Everyone praises his word and how he respects her. The episode ends.


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