The latest episode of Anupama starts with Anuj who asks Anu that what was she trying to say to him? Anu is about to say and suddenly, the Doctor comes and says that his reports have come and his health is stable now. He says that his wife is the only one who prayed for him a lot and Anuj says that she is not his wife. Doctor says that he prepares the documents. Anuj insists on her to say and Anupama is getting nervous and couldn’t say to him. Suddenly, Anupama says that if next time, he will do this kind of thing, no one is worse than her.


Anu gets angry over him and warns him to do this again. Anuj promises her and Anu says that she is going to ask the doctor that when they can move to home. Anupma leaves the room and thinks about him. On the other side, Vanraj talks to Malvika, and Kavya hears him, she asks him about the girl and Vanraj says that she is his girlfriend and Kavya pickup a verse to throw but Vanraj says that Malvika is not his girlfriend. Vanraj says that it doesn’t matter that what did he say to her because she can just doubt at him.

Anupama 13th December

He leaves the room and on the other side, Kinjal says that Anuj just needs home food. Kinjal and Toshu talk to each other about their problems. Baa sees them and gets happy after seeing them happy. Vanraj and Anu pick Anuj from the hospital and Anuj says that he couldn’t become friends and Vanraj says that he is the best friend of Anupama. Vanraj talks about Anuj and Anupama. Anuj comes into Shah’s house and Anupama welcomes him. Everyone welcomes him and suddenly, Anuj holds Anu’s hand.

Hasmukh says that he doesn’t need to move into the house and Bapuji brings him to the room for having rest. Hasmukh insists Anupama to stay in the Anuj’s house for help. Anuj says that she will not feel comfortable here and Toshu says that he can stay with her mom in the house. Toshu and Anu move to the house. Anuj tells to GK that Malvika is in India and Bapuji says that so, why did she not come to meet him? They both talks to each other about Malvika. On the other side, Anupama packs her bag and thinks about everyone. She is happy to know that she is going to live in Anuj’s house.


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