Today’s episode begins with Anupama as Anupama dreams of herself driving the car Hasmukh and other family members sit inside the car. Anupama becomes happy, inspiring songs are playing in the background. Anupama remembers Vanraj’s words and thinks that Vanraj broke her by saying that she can never ride a bicycle, so she cannot learn to a ride car. Thinking this, Anupama sits inside the car. Kinjal clapped for Anupama. Anupama tells both of them for the first time that she feels that she is the mistress of her life. Kinjal tells Anupama to start the car. Anupama starts driving the car seeking the blessings of Kinjal.


In the next scene, you see that Vanraj stands away and gets angry after seeing Anupama. On the other hand, Samar and Kinjal explain to Anupama the basics of the car. They tell him to ride the car. Anupama feels nervous. then she remembers Vanraj’s betrayal and falls silent. She starts the car. The song (Love You Zindagi) plays in the background.

In the next scene, Kinjal instructs Anupama on how to ride a car. Then Vanraj’s car comes from behind and he plays the horn and asks Anupama to side his car. Anupama turns the car to the side with the help of Kinjal. Vanraj’s cargoes and gets stuck in the middle. Anupama’s car then passes and Vanraj sees her. And gets angry.

After that, Kinjal asks Vanraj for help but Vanraj refuses to get help and everyone reaches home, and finally, Anupama learns to drive the car, and Anupama and the rest of the members become very happy and dance happily. The song Aaj Mai Upper Aasaman niche plays in the background. And with this, the episode ends. Now, we get to see a new twist between Anupama and Vanraj, how she saves herself from being dominated by Vanraj. So for knowing further story keep pace with us.


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