Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update: In the upcoming episode of the show, Anuj And Anupamaa have to dress up themself and they both are looking nothing but amazing. Where Barkha and Ankush both are also looking good and the Shah family will be rock the party with their beautiful dress-up. They are feeling very excited to go to the party and not able to hold their horses.

Anupama 11th June 2022 Latest Written Episode Update

Anupamaa and JD are talking about the event. JD says to her do whatever she wants but Anupamaa rejects the proposal and says to JD that he is an elder of the family and everyone will follow him and accept the orders. He feels happy and says to Anupamaa okay. Anupamaa says to JD that she is feeling nervous but JG says everything will be fine do not worry. Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The entire media has arrived at the Kapadia opening ceremony. Barkha and Ankush both addressed them later Anuj and Anupamaa also come together and join them. The anchors ask why they are waiting to just enter the house as soon as possible. Anuj says to the media that his family is waiting for some important guest for them they organized this party, Barkha refuses Anuj and says to the media no one has any idea when they will come. And they all enter the house where Anuj and Anupamaa both do not feel good. Anupamaa feels that it is her insult and just to cry.

After some minutes the Shah family come to the location and the security who were outside of the mention stopped them and ask an invitation card or pass to enter the mention. Pakhi, Toshu, and Samer say to the security officer it’s their mum’s house and they are invited to the opening ceremony of the Kapadia Mention.

But the security officer rejects the proposal and says he can not allow them to enter the mention. Pakhi tries to connect to her mum but somehow she failed. Vanraj gets angry at the officer and says to Bapu Ji and Baa see your daughter. She should here for greetings to guests but she has changed Bapu Ji.

No sooner did Anupamaa get to know this than she comes to the main gate and apologise to them. She says it was her first and the last mistake please forgive her. Bapu Ji says okay and Anupamaa grats them and requests to enter the house but all the members of Shah’s family look at each other. She says now the doors of Kapadia mention are always open for them.

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