Today episode starts with Anupama Because the doctor tells Anupama Hasmukh has only some moments of life then Anupama Remember Hasmukh’s words and allows the doctor to treat Hasmukh then the doctor tells Anupama to sign a responsibility form if something happens to the patient we are not responsible for that. Anupama remembers the day when Hasmukh talked about daughters.

Anupama 10th November 2020 Written Episode Latest Update: Vanraj Ignores Anupama's call

In the next scene, Anupama Calls Vanraj and reminds that Anupama Sign of responsibility form but Vanraj ignores Anupama’s call. Vanraj is spending a good time the Kavaya on the pretext of having a meeting with a client, he is in the dark about what is going on in the house.

On the other side, Leela cries and says to Anupama that you are illiterate and you do not know anything, finally Anupama does not have any solution and she has to sign the document.

Later she calls the Paritosh and Samer, and tell them about the situation in the hose, they are quite amazed and in shock that what happened to him all of sudden, Anupama informs them she has signed the papers without the concern of Vanraj. All the rest of the members are praying for him, and they are chanting “Ooo Palan Hare”.

Husmuk has been hospitalized in the hospital, and all the family members are there, and they are scares. Anupama thinks I have already lost my father now I do not want to lose him again, and she cries, other family members are also emotional and tensed.

Now it will be so interesting to see what happens ahead in the show, and how Vanraj reacts in this critical situation when he gets to know this all. For more updates stay connected with us, we will update you on the same page with new twist. Do watch on Starplus at 10:00 PM with your family.


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