Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update: In the upcoming episode of this show, Anuj continues his conversation with Barkha and says to her. It can not be possible because whenever he needs her so she will be here at any cost. He says to her make your plan for tomorrow and whatever she wants to purchase she can he will say to Anupamaa for a money transfer.

Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode Barkha Bhabhi Will Be Insulted By Anu

He is already late and he sets out from the house. No sooner did he leave the house than Ankush comes to Barkha and says does not she have patience does she? Wait for some days but she rejects that saying she is not borrowing but she is raising her right in front of him. Anupama 10th June 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Update Tonight Episode

In the Shah family, Everybody is sitting in the same place. Vanraj also taunts her and she feels not good but she lets it be. Anupamaa asks Kinjel about her next appointment but Baa refuses and says there is no need to ask this again she feels bad even though she continues and says to Baa on the behalf of everyone that Minu’s birthday is around the corner but baa says no need to think because she has decided to gift Anklet.

Later she says to everyone that it’s their tea time and she is about to go into the kitchen but Baa says no Pakhi will make it and says to Anupamaa sit here for a while. Anupamaa says to Baa why she does not make it Baa replies who makes tea by the guest after these words Anupamaa feels literally bad. While talking to Baa Samer helps her Mother suddenly Anuj Comes to Shah’s family and grates with Jay Shree Krishna.

Anuj makes them understand about the new home and invites all of them to the opening ceremony. Kavya congratulations Anuj but Vanraj and Baa feel jealous. He requests to every one come to the ceremony. Where Anupamaa is not good mood and says to Anuj. She went home but she has become a stranger. Nothing is changed but everything has changed. Anuj makes Anupamaa understand and handle her and says both the homes are yours and the new home will be yours.

Barkha has prepared a list of guests and she has invited many businessmen on the behalf of Kapadia Enterprises. She says first we will enter the house and then in business.

Pakhi is so excited to go to the ceremony and thankful to Kinjel for gifting her new dress. She insists on Kinjel for her makeup but Baa and Vanraj say after the wedding it will be good. Pakhi does not like it and leaves that place. Then Vanraj and Baa are talking that they do not have the mood to go but now they are relatives and have to go at any cost. All the characters of the show are preparing to go in the news home-opening cerenony.

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