Anthony Nelson Arrested: Why was Anthony Nelson Arrested? Charges Explained: A man is arrested after a lot of efforts did by the police. This incident happened in Atlantic City at Harrah Casino, in which a 21-year-old girl was killed by Anthony Nelson. This news is getting viral among the people and they want to know the name of the person who killed an innocent girl. If you don’t know what incident we are talking about so don’t worry we have mentioned the whole news in this article which will clear your all doubts. Follow More Updates On

Anthony Nelson Arrested

Anthony Nelson Arrested

An incident took place in the city of Atlantic in a bar named Philly Bar & Restaurant which says that a 21-year-old girl was shot dead in her head. On 28th June this man killed that girl around 11:30 pm. This all starts with three-man who came into the bar and went to the game of pool and the situation got heated there. The customers tried to kick them out but not only one of them get out and this three-man bring a truck and shot 15 times with a gun and one bullet goes into the head of a girl who was chilling with her friends. She was immediately sent to the nearby hospital where doctors declared her dead.

Who Was Jailene Holton?

She was the girl who was just 21 years old and shot dead by Anthony who fired on the windows of the bar and she came there to enjoy with her family & friends. Her uncle said that she was a bright student whose nature was good and we lose her because of this incident. She was sent to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital immediately where she first went to Koma as the bullet goes in her head and after that, she was declared dead by the doctors.

Why was Anthony Nelson Arrested?

The police officers of Philadephia reached the bar on the spot and started their investigation on the same day Police found the culprits around 4:30 pm at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. As per information, he was hiding in the resort to not get caught but Police find the location and track his truck where they went. The culprit’s name is Anthony Nelson who is 47 years old, he registered his name as a woman and when police reached his room he was with a woman. We can give the details of that woman as it will be illegal to disclose someone’s information. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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