Which Season Was Michael Anthony Baltimore 90 Day Fiance In? Murder Charges Explained: A well-known barber named Michale Anthony Baltimore who has joined the 90-Day Fiance show with Ashley & Jay is now wanted for the crime he did. He now comes on the list of 15 most wanted by the United States Marshals. A prize will be rewarded to the person who will bring Michale as he is accused of killing the director of the U.S Marshals Service Director. This news shocked many people as he was the known & popular who worked with some popular celebrities and now he is convolved in such crimes. People want to know the detailed information about this which we have mentioned below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Michael Anthony

Who Is Michael Anthony Baltimore?

He is 40 years old and by profession, he is a barber. He was part of the 90-Day Fiance show which he joined with Ashley & Jay. He joined this show when its fourth season was started and he had featured in a lot of series he is also known for having good relationships with popular stars. An incident happened two years ago as he killed Kendall and injured another man who worked at his Barbershop which is in Carlisle and now he is wanted by the police as a criminal.

Michael Murder & Assault Charges

An incident happened on 22nd May 2021 in which he killed Kendell and injured a man who worked there with him. This all happened when he left the shop and he killed them after two years at the GQ Barbershop in Carlisle. He is also charged with homicide, assault & parole violations and his images are available on the internet. He is now among the top 15 most wanted criminals and a reward will be given to the person who will give information about him and help the police to arrest him. He is also dangerous & armed and the marshal’s service considered & requested people not to approach him.

Many agencies are offering money prizes, one of them is offering $25,000 for catching Michale. Besides Marshals Service, the Cumberland Country Crime Stoppers offered $2,000, and Firearms & Explosives has offered $10,000 for catching him. Till now there is no information about him that where is he now and why he did that murder some believed that he had some personal issues with him and some said he started his new work. This all will be known only when he will be arrested and we will update you about him. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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