If you want to know the story of this movie and the box office collection of this movie in two days. You came to the right place we will give you the entire information about the cast and many other things you are searching for. As this movie was released in theatres on 10th June. People are coming out of their homes just to watch this movie. As this movie has created hype among people after releasing its poster. This movie is an Indian Telugu language which is also a comedy romantic film, which people really want to see.

Ante Sundaraniki Box Office

  • Director – Vivek Athreya
  • Writer- Vivek Athreya
  • Star Cast – Nani, Nazriya Nazim, Naresh, Zareena Moidu, Rohini & Rahul Ramkrishna.
  • Producer – Naveen Yemini & Y. Ravi Shankar

This film was released on 10th June 2022 in theatres. In 2022 summers it was announced that this movie will release in the mid of June. This movie has also been dubbed into Tamil and Malayalam with different titles. The theatrical rights of this movie have been sold at Rs 30 crore.

Ante Sundaraniki Box Office Collection

As this movie is filled with Romance & Comedy love stories, which tempted people two know the whole story. This movie is mainly about a girl and a boy who fell in love with each other, but the problem is they both have different religions, which brings obstacles to their relationship. Moreover, people want to know theatre they get successful or if they have to leave each other. People did advanced bookings to see this movie in the theatre which shows people’s curiosity that how badly they want to watch this movie.

Well, if we come to the box office collection on the first day. This movie has earned Rs. 6.25 crore on its opening day, which is a good number. The box office collection on the 2nd day for this movie was Rs. 5.8 crore. This movie has 34.79% occupancy in morning shows, and 59.57% for night shows. Well, this movie has earned on its opening day a total of Rs 7.5 crore worldwide. This film has earned Rs 3.4 crore from the U.S. At its first weekend, this film earned a total of Rs 26.25 crore. This movie can cross more than Rs. 50 crore in the next weekend, as people have shown their interest to watch this movie. For now, stay connected with us for more latest updates & information.


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