Another 14 Year Old Boy Committed Suicide After Being Scolded To Play PUBG

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PUBG is a multi-player adventurous game and now becoming the top game in the world. Millions of people are mad about this game. But, now PUBG has a minor update. This update released on Thursday. The latest version of PUBG is 0.14.5 that brings the latest Royale Pass Season 9. Tencent Games said that- the new update of this game only requires 0.2GB of your device’s space.

Suicide Case:

4 days ago, a suicide case registered that took place involving the multi-player Battle Royale game. A 14 years old boy from Andhara Pradesh attempted suicide not allow him to play games. He attempted suicide a month ago, but this case come in lights 4 days ago.

According to police reports- The boy was addicted to the PUBG game and neglecting studies that head towards a small fight between him and his mother, Triveni. On August 20, his mother took away his phone in anger and tell him to start focusing on his studies. But the addition of the game was so high that he committed suicide. He mixed insecticides and water and drink it.

After that, he was admitted to the hospital in Vishakhapatnam due to a deteriorating state but the condition was so serious that was immediately shifted to a private hospital in Sheelanagar. After 14 days of worst and tough conditions, he was shifted to the King George Hospital. He died in that hospital.

Now the question arises that “who is to be blamed?” when such cases arises. The Developers of the multi-player game or the youth who are addicted to that game.

Update of the game PUBG:

You can update the latest version of this adventurous game from the play store when available. It should arrive soon on the play store and it will take only 0.2GB space.

  • Latest Version- 0.14.5
  • Improved Mission’s page.
  • Royalle pass Sharing Page upgraded.
  • New Season Timer.
  • Improved weekly mission crate remainders.
  • Redesigned Missions and Landing Pages.


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