Is Annie Dow Leaving 104.1? Reason Explained: Recently the name Journalist has come on the internet and it is trending on social media platforms, yes we are talking about Annie Dow. This name is on the headlines and netizens are searching for her name. Who is she and what happened to her. This name is making several questions in their mind. Netizens are very curious to know about her because they want to know about her. Here we have more information about her and we will try to cover all the information in this article. Follow More Updates On

Annie Dow Leaving 104.1

Is Annie Dow Leaving 104.1?

According to the report, Annie Dow is a young American journalist and she is the best know for her work on Mix 104.1. As per her Linkedin profile, she worked as a co-host on the morning show and as a guest journalist at Entercom. But Annie gained public attention after she declared that she has decided to leave 1041. Now she covers traffic for the Boston radio station Mix 104.1’s Karson and Kennedy show. Since 2017 the amazing reporter was employed by Entercom in Boston, Massachusetts. You are on the right page for getting the right information about the news, so please read the complete article. You are right page for getting the right information about the news.

Where Is Annie Dow Going?

Annie has decided to move 104.1. The news has broken and spread like a wildfire after her tweet and tweet made by one of her co-workers talking about her departure. They are collaborating as a team for a very long time. She has confirmed that the tweet has been sent on the 27th of June. On her Twitter page, she sent a message. But the post about the report Dow departing the show has been placed on the Mix 104.1 Radio official page. Today’s Facebook post has created  Mix 104.1 visible to us. Scroll down the page for more information about the news.

What Happened To Annie Dow?

The news has come with a shock and lots of fans were left bittersweet with the news. The journalist has more them in December 2017 and there as a reporter and anchor until June 2022. She participated in the Karson and performance there. Her supporters remarked how sad and heartbroken they were to hear that Annie going to be leaving the program. They used to adore her for the love and program. They used to adore her for the love and positivity she brought to the program. They wished her well and congratulated her on the next journey of her life. Stay tuned for more updates.


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