Another shocking news highlighting in every news channel that BJP MP Kaushal Kishore’s family facing a family drama for the past two weeks. Recently, his daughter-in-law tries to attempt suicide by slitting her wrist. The reason behind the big step that she took is her husband Ayush and his family members are not treating her well. On Monday morning, she takes the decision to slit her wrist after she reached the residence of Kaushal Kishore. She rushed to the hospital where she gets the full treatment with care. Also, before slitting her wrist, Ankita Singh shared a video in which she explaining the entire reason for taking the dangerous step.

Ankita Singh Slit Her Wrist (BJP MP Kaushal Kishore's Daughter-In-Law)

If we talk about the content of the video then Ankita Singh said about the atrocities that Ayush and his family doing with her. Apart from this, she said that “I cannot fight anyone because your father is an MP and mother an MLA. Nobody will listen to me. I have never let anyone touch you so how can I do that? You are lying. You and your family did not let me live”. Now, she is undergoing treatment, and all the doctors trying to keep her health perfect and secure from danger.

Also, Ankita Singh said in the video that Ayush ruined her life. She shared a very long video in which she expresses her feelings for her husband and his family. The news went viral on social media and news channels that aware all the local public know about the entire matter. She further said that “You and your family have ruined my life. I have got such a punishment for loving you. I am leaving this world. I will never come into your life, you be happy”.

After the incident comes in front of everyone then Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur said that an FIR registered against Ayush and his brother-in-law Adarsh and later the police arrest both of them. BJP MP Kaushal Kishore claimed that his daughter-in-law trying to defame him and his family. He also said that “Please do not call her my daughter-in-law, I don’t consider her so. She and Ayush tied the knot and I was never in favor [of the marriage]. Ankita is trying to defame me and my family”. So, it is cleared that the BJP MP Kaushal Kishore and his family are trying to hide something from the police. So, we update our website whenever any information coming in front of everyone. Stay connected with us to know more about the incident.


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