Anitta Opens Up About Her Surgeries Before and After Photos Explained: We have received reports that the popular celebrity Anitta has recently opened up about her surgery. Anitta is among those celebrities who do not shy away from sharing a part of their personal life. She has always been open about her view on surgeries and has shared them with all her fans whenever she could. She had gone through plastic surgery very recently and shared the experience on social media. This was the reason that everyone’s attention was shifted to her. There have been many paparazzi that have been trying to get her pictures from her vanity van. But every effort was spent in vain. Follow For More Updates


Who is Anitta?

Larissa de Macedo Machado was born on 30 March 1993 and has been known by her name Anitta which is supposedly her stage name. She is a singer that hails from Brazil. She is not just limited to singing though as she has also had experience in many other fields such as songwriting, acting, and dancing, and she is also a businesswoman. This can make you think that she is an artist in every sense and is able to do almost everything.

She was known for the first time with the release of her single “Show das Poderosas”, which was released in 2013. Her commercial success had come even before this single through her debut known as “Meiga e Abusada” which was released in 2012. She has also signed contracts with Warner Music Brazil.

Anitta Opens Up About Her Surgeries

Her many collaborations came in the period of 2016-18. She had been in collaboration with many artists such as Maluma, Major Lazer, Nile Rodgers, Iggy Azalea, and J Balvin. Paradinha was her first Spanish song.

She was also named the revelation of the year in music in 2013 by the APCA. She has also won 5 MTV Europe Music Awards for the best Brazillian act and she is also the first Brazillian artist to win the award for Best Brazillian Act.

Anitta Before and After Surgery

She had an interview recently with Glamour Magazine UK. Anitta shared everything about her plastic surgery and the process that is related to it. She was neither afraid nor shy to admit that she had Plastic surgery and has had them before as well.

This interview had gathered the attention of many of her fans as well as people who didn’t know her before. She had said something that was shocking to many but it was appraised as there are not many who accept their surgeries. It was really admirable. She also said that it isn’t something that should be kept hidden and people should not be ashamed. Let’s hope that the word reaches people and makes an impact on them.


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