Anime: Did Rukawa Died In Slam Dunk? Death Cause Fate Explored: This news is going to be shocking to the people who have indulged in the Slam Dunk anime and manga and have been watching it ever since they can remember. This tragic news is going to be the death of the famous character that has been renowned in the Slam Dunk manga as well as the anime. He was quite popular for his basketball talent and getting known for his innate talent. His smart and effective plays had been some of the best there have been in the anime and it is really sad that the character had to be lost. Follow More Updates On

Rukawa Died In Slam Dunk

Did Rukawa Died In Slam Dunk?

I can understand that anime characters can have a lot of impact on our lives as I am a geek myself and have cried over the death of many anime characters. It’s really absurd when you think about it, we know that the characters are just fiction yet we get a strong sense of connection. This makes me sometimes think that how can it even be possible.

Slam Dunk Death Of Rukawa

Anyways, let’s move on to the character, Rukawa. He was portrayed as a shy character who could barely get cocky and rush while making decisions. He was the sort of person that we can call level-headed. His anime debut was made in the first episode of the anime and he has been progressing ever since. He was played by the voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa and had provided the narration for him as well.

Does Slam Dunk Have An Ending?

Now that we know that the character has died, it brings us to the question that what really went on that made him die. As per the series, the character is said to have died from an internal hemorrhage. This anime is one of the best sports anime that has ever been made and if you like watching anime related to sports like Haikyuu, Inazuma 11, Captain Tsubasa, etc. then you definitely have to give this anime a try and check for yourself if this anime is really worth your time or not.

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